Welcome to Vortex Transmissions, a professional collection of services for heavy-duty automatic transmission and suppliers of turnkey diagnostics that are backed by the latest technology. We service OHVs, industrial earthmoving vehicles, and agricultural ones, with specialisations in the following types of transmissions: Allison / Caterpillar / Funk /  Z.F / Clark / Forklift Gearboxes / PTO (Power Take-Off) transmissions
Our professional range of offers includes dyno testing, valve body calibration, transmission repairs, Chelsea power take-off repairs, and more.

Dyno Testing
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We offer dyno testing services that measure the performance and torque of your fleet using the latest in diagnostic technology.

Valve Body Calibration
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We use sophisticated technology to measure force and torque. This gives us in-depth insights into performance while targeting the types of repairs you need.

On/Off Highway Transmission Repairs
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We offer a comprehensive repair service that assists with maintenance on your fleet’s transmission for high performance vehicles, such as those that use Allison transmission parts.

Chelsea Power Take-Off Repairs
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We offer repairs services focused on the needs and challenges of industrial-type vehicles, including repairs for Chelsea power take-offs.

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