Rhino Excavator Hammers started life in 2008, securing the well-known D and A Hydraulic Hammer agency. There is clearly a synergy with our core business, Excavator hire.

South Africa, having an extensive, well developed mining industry, became a major target market for a wide range of attachment products that would be viable for both hire and resale. The next step was to develop the limited existing market using the latest ripper technology. Xcentric Ripper, based in Spain introduced Rippers to South Africa with a view to develop the market in the mining industry with their patented equipment.

Excavator attachments have become more common place in the mining industry due to their suitability in environmentally sensitive areas. A prime example is they, in some instances, negate the use of explosives in mining. Rippers and hammers are often a safer and more economically viable option. Quick Couplers and Rock Wheels are examples of new technology in an increasingly diverse attachment industry. Our sales and support staff can both educate the end user in improving material recovery methods and in tandem, protecting the environment.

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